Welcome to my own coding language! The cheat sheet can he found below.
If you want to make your own files, code something in notepad or notepad++, then save it as a ".b1s" file and send it to: poweros125@gmail.com and I will compress it to a HTML and JS and CSS.
NOTE: This coding language is for people who dont know JS, or CSS, HTML.

  • print("Thing to say on the screen");
  • title("title of page");
  • heading("heading");
  • colors.background("color");
  • colors.text(" color (this only applies to print text)");
  • colors.header("color (again, only applies to header.)");
  • alert("alert");
  • confirm("alert but with ok cancel options");
  • input("alert with user input");
  • NOTE: If you want to store the user data, do it like this: variable.(alert, conirm, input)
  • clear.screen [This clears all text on the screen, along with colors.]
  • image.show("URL to image [NOTE: If you want to add a image file, please send this in the zip file with it.]");
  • variables.set("set variable to");
  • variable.random("the number between 1 [e.g.:100 would be 1-100");
  • audio.play("{plays on window load} url to audio, [note: same with as the image tag, attach the audio file in the .zip file.");
  • favicon.show("the favicon image url or again, put it in a .zip file with the .b1s file.");